1948 Plymouth (Update 11/26/2018)

1948 Plymouth (Update 11/26/2018)

Our friend Scott at Ace Custom Fabrication spent the afternoon building a transmission tunnel for our 1948 Plymouth police car. (This is a conversion from a “3 speed in the tree” to an automatic transmission to make available to more of our volunteer drivers that do not drive manual transmission.) Scott welded and seam sealed the new work. With the addition on the vintage ac unit it will be nice and cool inside in the summer. There will still be room for the police radio underneath the ac unit. Check out the progress on Facebook at Ace Custom Fabrication.
Look for this beauty to be on the road soon…

We will remember and honor his sacrifice...

Officer Paul Rutherford #6403 was killed in the line of duty the morning of March 21st, 2019 after being hit by a car while investigating a car crash near 75th Avenue and Indian School Road

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